Development Program

(Skill Level 1-3)

Over the past ten years, MassCrease has provided the most complete goalie training summer program in New England. Each year we look to improve, develop, and evolve our program in order to teach the most progressive sessions available. Through our staffs work at the highest levels of hockey, MassCrease is at the forefront of goalie development. The program we teach will reflect the newest techniques being taught and employed throughout the country. 

The Development Program is designed for goalies of varying abilities and experience.  We do not only teach through drills.  We teach through games and activities that will all be geared towards our final goal...getting the goalies to react in the net and not think.  Our week isn't complete without the Friday Competition Day.  Face-off against your friends on everyone's favorite DAY!  

This program is designed for Level 1 through Level 3 goaltenders. Groups will be broken down by ability levels (not age) over the first day. Each group will have a lesson plan specifically developed for their respective skill level. This ensures that the lessons taught will be most effective. Each goalie will receive 3-4 hours of on-ice training, 1-2 hours of off-ice training and 1 hour of video review per day. 

This program is limited in size and WILL SELL OUT. If you want to be part of the next evolution of goaltending don't wait; it'll be full in JUNE!

Extended pick up till 6pm available through booking Mini Development Program (Monday through Thursday)

Program Hours:  

Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Weeks Offered:

July 8th week

July 22nd week

August 5th week

August 19th week

Mini Development Program

(Skill Level 1-3)

Last Summer (2018) we introduced our Mini Development Program. Aimed at being an affordable means to work on specific topics. They were incredibly popular so we have added DOUBLE the number of mini sessions during the summer (2019). The themes for each individual mini session are as follows: Hours are 4:30pm till 6:00pm each day.

July 8 and 9: Balance

July 10 and 11: Gloves and Catching

July 22 and 23: Recovery

July 24 and 25: Post Play

August 5 and 6: Balance

August 7 and 8: Gloves and Catching

August 19 and 20: Recovery

August 21 and 22: Post Play

Zero4Sixty (Skill Level 3-5) SOLD OUT

All levels are Sold out

The Elite Training Series is designed to push committed goalies to achieve greater gains in their games.  By pairing goalies together with like mindsets, we can create an environment that helps bring out the best in a goalie and strive to consistency on a daily basis.  Through small groups, competition, video review, and the best coaching staff around we know that we will achieve results that every goalie is striving for in their games.

This Summer the Zero4Sixty program is hitting “it’s stride”. After undergoing major changes over the past few summers, this summer we are making smaller changes that will make large impacts.  Continuing this Summer, parents and goalies will be able to choose the days/times that work best for their summer schedules on a weekly basis.

Want to know what level you are!?!? When you attend MassCrease Lessons during the Fall/Winter…if you are a level 3 goalie, then you are welcome in Zero4Sixty 3.

Program Highlights

  • NEW THIS SUMMER Summer 1 (May 6th till June 21st) will be heavy teaching and learning. Summer 2 (June 24th till August 30th) will be higher repetitions.

    • Parents will still be able to build the series the way they want on topics they wish to attend

    • 7 lessons during Summer 1 and 10 lessons during Summer 2

    • No one series will be the same as another

    • If a goalie needs extra work on a topic then they can build a series that has more lessons geared towards it

  • All lessons are run on "Progressive" techniques

  • NEW THIS SUMMER No mandatory “Off Weeks” during Summer 2 every other week limited slots will be available

  • NEW THIS SUMMER Agility is built into every lesson…not need to book Agility lessons

  • NEW THIS SUMMER One hour and twenty minute lessons are run throughout Summer 1 and one hour and fifty minute lessons in Summer 2

  • Video will be taken on almost a daily and reviewed on the ice

  • NEW THIS SUMMER Video breakdown of techniques will be sent to devices throughout the series to see how high level goalies are integrating what we are teaching into their games

  • NEW THIS SUMMER Puck Handling will be a focus in the series….start working on your “handles” at home!!

  • NEW THIS SUMMER College Series will be integrated into the Youth Series during level 3 and 4 lessons.


Zero4Sixty Summer 2 Weekly Themes

“Off Week” lessons are 1 hour and 20 minutes rather than 1 hour and 50 minutes in length.