Like every part of masscrease, Zero4Sixty began…

with Brian and Kalena sitting down with a coffee and coming up with a crazy concept, a concept that just might change how goalies are trained and in turn change the game. For years, pros and college goalies have trained using this method. It starts with time off at the end of the season…rest and recovery. Then you begin the rebuild. We start with one-two times on ice per week, then it builds to two-three sessions per week…some goalies build in off weeks and some prefer consistency. Regardless, you are building towards your in season work load. The series begins with review, repetition and a lot of coaching. In the later part of the summer it’s less coaching, more difficult drills and a faster pace. You are building towards game time.

This fall we will introduce the next portion to our Zero4Sixty Program; our mentorship program. The Zero4Sixty Mentorship Program is designed to mimic how pros and college goalies train in-season. Private lessons and video review of games are the core of in-season development. Over the past three years at Boston University, Brian has designed his own statistics program called, CreaseData. CreaseData is used as way for Brian to design his approach to the private lessons. As the season comes to a close, we added a tryout consultation and our Tryout Mini Program, to assure you put your best on the ice for evaluation. The Mentorship portion of Zero4Sixty brings what we believe full circle. Goalies are goalies. The research is done at the pro level, they know how to train to get the most out of their investments (goalies). Train like the pros. Train with the Zero4Sixty Program.