Hey Brian, hope everything is going well with the new location! I just wanted to thank you for helping me out so much those first two years, all of the coaching is really paying off right now. My team is 4-0-1 and in those 5 games only 8 goals have been scored against us(2 shutouts so far)! Just wanted to say thanks for helping me out so much in those begginning times. Good luck with everything......


As far as the lessons are concerned, Brian is unbelievable stressing the basics and offering a very hard workout. I watch him and wonder how the heck did anyone score on this guy. As far as my progress, I am much better, but The Legends have nothing to worry about.

If you have kids and they want to play hockey, this is by far the best experience they will ever have.


I just want you to know I am very impressed with the training my son Patrick is getting from you and your staff. I have seen real improvement in his fundamentals this year. Your program is money well spent and I recommend it to every parent of a goalie that I know.


I'm am just e-mailing you to let you know that I made the varsity team @ BC High and so did Peter. I just wanted you to know im really thankful for you working you with me. This couldn't of happened without your help.

Thank You
Joe Young

Hi Brian,

David is loving having you run skills over at CDL! He is a freshman at Archie's and on the football team. Wednesdays I pick him up after football and hope we have no traffic,so we can make to skills on time. So far so good! Yesterday on are way he told me how he wished goalie skills were everyday like Football. I asked him why and he said they work us hard and I have fun. He also brought home his first progress report and I must say I was very happy! He is in seven Honors classes and he has all A's! I am so happy about your A and B board, because school comes first! I must add that along with A's and B,s comes effort , so when those lower grades come if there is a good effort comment that is huge! My boys have always been told you try hard and do well in school you can play Hockey! I guess he really loves being a goalie! Thanks for making such a positive impact on my son!


Look forward to getting back with MassCrease. We loved the DVD that Brian put together. Jack has been appreciating the unsolicited parental comments/advice ("square up, "don't get jumpy", etc.), to which he says we don't know what we're talking about. But we do. We have the DVD.

The DVD is, as advertised, extremely helpful.

Best regards,


Let me say again how impressed I am with your camps. Joe had a lot of fun. It was well worth the travel to see a whole sheet of ice filled with nothing but Goalies. You run a very fun, educational and structured camp. I also think it is great for the goalies to see such skilled goalies. The way all the instructors stick handle so well is great for the kids to see and look up to. So many goalies think they can't/don't have to handle the puck.

Thanks again. You've done a great job going on your own.


Hey Brian I want to thank you and your staff for a great week of camp.! I feel that Mason has learned alot and will bring it with him to the( 02 ) South Shore Kings this season. He may not realize it today but when he does get out there he will have the knowledge and game plan to execute the saves.

Thanks again Dale and Mason

Hi Brian,

Just wanted to say that Marc and Eric both had a great week at the Game Day camp. It's confirmed Marc's inclination to go full time in net eventually. I really noticed the difference in his movement around the crease at 3 on 3 Friday night. Of course, Eric just loves working out with you guys. We also appreciate the time you took with Tove discussing the kids' development, we really agonized over some of those decisions.

Thanks again, and Eric is really looking forward to next week.

Greg & Tove

Kelly has been exposed to a couple of other respected goalie coaches this year (you'd know the names), but she has enjoyed working with you the best. We will continue participating in whatever clinics you set up in our area in the years ahead. Thanks for your efforts.


BE -

Many thanks to you, Jen and Lenny for the outstanding job with our program's goaltenders this past season. The attendance form our young goalies was amazing and the compliments I have received on the great improvement and excitement you have created for our young players has been nothing less than terrific! Thanks to you, we have eager goalies that go home and practice stretching, stick fundamentals and positioning as they relay to their parents and siblings all that they have learned in the skills sessions - they are more excited about goalie skills than playing in the games! We look forward to continuing the the kids' development next season and appreciate all that you have done to support our youth hockey program.

Best Regards

Tim Costello
Coastal Stars
Goaltender Coordinator

Hi Brian,

Just wanted to let you know that Erik's high school team won their 1A Division and semifinal round and will now be heading to the championship game this weekend. His success is due in part to the teaching and guidance that you have given him since he decided to step into this position.



Thanks for everything... I am so glad that Camryn has someone like you (and Lenny) to help her become the best goalie she can be!



I do want you to know that Owen is really really enjoying your skills. I have to say that I have not seen him enjoy or be so enthusiastic about a practice/skills as he is on Sunday nights. It is really nice to see .... so thank you!


I can't believe what you were able to pull out of Mason in just one hour!!! He learned more last night than he has all season.

Thank you.


I am so glad that we connected with you and your team of goalie coaches early on as it is amazing how much Brendan has learned from the skills and camps he has attended. . . . It is great watching him incorporate these techniques into his game.



Thanks for this past session. Even though Grayson was often tired by 8:30, he never wanted to miss his lessons. That says a lot. See you in a few.


Hi Brian,

Just wanted to send a simple thank you for all you and Lenny are doing in the skills for the goalies. I coach Jack in Dedham hockey and have noticed a difference in Jack's ability and confidence between the pipes.

Thank you!


Just wanted to pass along the very positive feedback from parents and goalie alike. Our son Jack (9 years old) recently had 4 out 5 private lessons with Lenny, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Jack described the lessons as "awesome" and "fun". (he is a succinct interview.)

We have completed a number of goalie sessions with your program to date (mini-camp, summer weekly, private lessons), and we have been very impressed by the high quality of the coaches, who have been both enthusiastic and challenging (a great combination).

We look forward to future sessions.

Best regards,


Just wanted to reach out and thank-you for the great time that Bethany had at camp. She improved her game, met new friends and had a great time. She’s still talking about it and has already started bugging me about going next year!

See you when the season starts.

You obviously have a passion for what you do and take the time to think about how to impart your vast knowledge to a 9 year old! I realize how technical the position has become and appreciate you laying a great foundation for the future. We're excited about continuing to work with you and Lenny next winter at the Global skills sessions.


Hi Brian,

I cannot tell you enough the positive impact that you and your staff have had on my son's development and the development of the many goalies in the NYH system. Your approach is head and shoulders above the other programs in our area. Keep up the good work!

Hi Brian,

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that David had a great time at your camp last week. Each night He would tell my wife and I about all the fun he had with Yourself,Lenny and the guys from the Walpole Express. I was able to watch him for a few minutes each morning and I will say that I am very impressed with you program and the improvements David made during the week. At this point I am waiting to see what his teams schedule is so that I can sign him up for one of your skill sessions. Personally I would love to see Braintree Youth Hockey sign on with your program.

Thank you again.

Johnny is just LOVING the Sunday sessions with Brain Eklund! He loves that Brian wears his pads and he can see how to do the moves. (I guess not all his goalie coaches have done that!) And, he hopes to one day be as “smooth” as Brian. Thanks. He is quite a find!

Luanne Monahan

Hi Brian,

My name is Kelly Sinkiewicz and I just wanted to let you know how very much my daughter Lydia enjoys taking your clinics. She was fortunate enough to attend you camp back in August in Walpole for a week. She came home each night with great stories. Although she is only 6yrs old her Dad and I know she will only get better with time. Like you said, school comes first and then hockey. We are very fortunate that she does well in school and feel that the skills she is also learning in hockey will continue to guide her in her life. Thanks again for being such a positive factor in her life and we look forward to working with you for a long time to come!!!!

Best Regards,
Kelly Sinkiewicz


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