Game Evaluations

Situations happen in games where a skill or private lesson will not be able to recreate. Whether it be a bad turn over, or a back door play where your teammate loses his man. All of these situation are preventable if the goalie is aware and communicating with teammates. Through our Game Evaluations we have the ability to critique game situations while they happen, and also show where things need to be corrected. Add modern technology of HD video, and MassCrease coaches expertise and you have a strong teaching tool for every goalie.

Video Taping of game: $100 (close range games only)
Game Breakdown with Brian: $100
Game Breakdown with MC Coach: $50

A written evaluation is included with each video review.

Alternatively, game footage may be submitted from sources such as parents, FastHockey, HockeyTV, etc (no video taping fee attached)

If Interested email or call 781-561-0505

Equipment Repair

Here at MassCrease we strive to be able to help goalies and parents in anyway we can. Over the past few years we have started to work on small equipment repairs. We are now proud to be able to offer the service! 95% of these repairs can be turned around in 24 hours or less. Email Brian ( for any questions.


1) Glove pocket relacing $35. (Colored relacing might slow the turn around due to availability)

2) Glove binding repair $25

3) Pad buckle stitching $30 plus parts.

We can not at this time provide stitching to skate cuts on the leather of the pads.

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