Lessons by Mass Crease

The MassCrease System
Mass Crease's Goaltending System will develop the athlete in all students through the establishment of an eight (8) week curriculum that teaches through repetition, correction, and execution. We will teach all goalies how the "read the play" in all situations of the game, and establish a plan on how to make each individual save within a game. We at MassCrease will encourage goalies of all ages to become the best that they can be, and strive to treat every goalie as an individual.  We will NOT teach a cookie cutter approach to goaltending, rather with will teach core principals and then tailor styles to each goalie according to their strengths and weaknesses.  That is the MassCrease program, and how we will be changing development one goalie at a time.

MassCrease Lessons will follow an eight week progression. We will focus on teaching core principals each lesson, while also introducing individual points for each goalie.  Through this, we will be creating an individual style for each goalie. Ratios of 3:1 and 1:1 are available. Schedules rotate so please click here to view the weekly schedule of lessons. In order to get the most out of the program please try to attend the full eight (8) weeks consecutively and e recommend booking your 8 lessons right after purchasing. You can start the program any week, you do not need to wait till week 1 in order to start. Lessons can be taken any night of he week as the topic covered will be the same (drills will vary night to night). Walk on's should be used to get additional lessons on topic weeks that the goalie would like additional work on. All 1:1 ratio lessons can and will be tailored to the goalies need exactly. Also coaches can incorporate areas of need on a weekly basis after discussing with the goalies and their parents prior to the lesson.

All lessons take place at the MassCrease Training Center (77 Accord Park Drive D8, Norwell, MA 02370) unless noted.


These skills are designed for those goalies that have just begun and are learning the basics of the position.  All goalies get equal attention and will be pushed in increase their abilities in: Skating, Butterfly, Angles, Rebound Control, Covering loose pucks, and Breakaways. All skills are run in a loose fun atmosphere to help goalies learn, enjoy and ultimately grow within the position. The ratio of goalies to coaches will never exceed 3:1.  

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Skills are intended for goalies that have already spent time working on the basics of the position and have a very strong skating ability. All goalies will get intense instruction and will be pushed to have a stronger command of: Crease movement, Recovery, Multi-shot drills, Game situation drills, Balance, Puck handling, and Breakaways. These skills will be run at a much faster pace than the Beginner skills, but fun will still be stressed. The ratio of goalies to coaches will never exceed 3:1.

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Skills are intended for goalies with a high degree of ability.  Typically eighth grade or higher (some younger will be permitted but will have to be okayed by a MassCrease employee). Goalies are expected to have a strong command of goaltending terminology, movement, and philosophy. Coaches will aid in developing individual styles for every goalie...no 'Cookie Cutter' styles will be taught.  Every goalie is an individual and will be trained as such.The ratio of goalies to coaches will never exceed 3:1.

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Private Lessons

At Mass Crease we base our entire philosophy around working with the individual goalie. During private lessons this individual attention is only heightened.  Lessons can be customized to fit the goalies needs and weaknesses. Due to the individual instruction drills and topics will vary from week to week, and goalie to goalie on a case by case basis. The lessons allow the coaches to individualize the lessons to goalies strengths and weaknesses and also push goalies to their fullest.

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On-Ice Agility Training

Todays games is continually evolving before everyones eyes. Even more so now, goalies are needing amazing edge, balance, and body control in all saves of the game. Due to this new high demand, we are introducing On-Ice Agility Training. The lessons are intense, fast paced, and completely dedicated to the rigors and demands that this position requires. These lessons are HIGHLY recommended for goalies of ALL ages and abilities. Lessons are 35-45 mins in length and cost $20. No pre-sign up...all walk on's.