Throughout my time tending goal, I found that the best way to learn from my mistakes was to actually see them. This is a hard feet while on the ice. When I was finally able to take advantage was when I finished college and turned "pro". Here we would review every game that was played for the good and the bad. We would even get at times into practice footage. This became one of my greatest tools to improve upon. I became addicted to the video room, and benefitted from it.

"We loved the DVD that Brian put together. Jack has been appreciating the unsolicited parental comments/advice ("square up, "don't get jumpy", etc.), to which he says we don't know what we're talking about. But we do. We have the DVD.

The DVD is, as advertised, extremely helpful.

Best regards,
Erik "
Upon finishing playing I wanted to be able to bring this positive teaching tool home to young goalies whom attended my camps. It is one thing to watch the video once during the camp, but to be able to bring it home and watch it again and again . . . . well you get my point. This is where the DVD idea came about.

Every week we at Mass Crease take about three hours worth of video clips of the goalies in net (with audio commentary). The DVD's are a breakdown of these three hours of clips into just the specific goalies own clips. No need to fast forward through ten goalies to find your clips. They are right there in their entirety. Here you can pause, slow motion, rewind, and even fast forward through all of the good and bad that the goalie accomplished throughout the week of camp. This has become a weapon in teaching goalies away from the rink and reinforces that truly growing within this position that I love so much, does not end when you leave the ice. (Not to mention that it is a great keepsake!)

The DVD feature is available at all summer camps for the price of $49. I am so confident that this DVD will improve your game that I guarantee it!

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