Summer Advanced/High School Programs

Advanced/High School camps are centered around game situational drills that push skating development, balance, heavy technique, and competition between goalies. Goalies are encouraged to make decisions in technique.  Video becomes a major component in the coaching. This summer we are offering:

    All camps take place at MassCrease Training Center in Norwell, MA unless otherwise specified.
  • Zero4Sixty Elite 2 & 3
  • Prep School "Exposure" Week
  • College Seminar
  • Skill Lessons
Zero4Sixty Elite 2 & 3

The Zero4Sixty all summer training program brings together college level training to younger goaltenders.  Built for goalies who are serious about development, are willing to push themselves tirelessly, and love to compete with goalies that all want to be the best on the ice on a daily basis. This series is hard.  This series is fun.  This series is built to be flexible schedule wise and provide the best training to any goalie looking to become better and bring their game to the next level.

Late May through Mid August

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Agility Options
  • 2:1 ratio lessons
  • 1.5 hour lessons
Prep 'Exposure' Series

Over the past nine years of working with local youth, high school, prep and college teams, the MassCrease staff have made great contacts with local prep schools.  As the leading local path to playing high level juniors, College and Pro hockey, Prep hockey has become a very sought after location to develop during those high school years.  Because of this Prep hockey has also become extremely competitive.  Not only do teams look locally for goalies, but they are also searching Nationally.  Having the opportunity to get in front of these coaches and scouts have become vital to the recruitment process.

The MassCrease Prep “Exposure” Series will be set up so as to showcase goalies to the top local prep coaches.  On Monday and Tuesday evening the goalies will go through off-ice testing, Seminars on the “process”, and also on-ice we will go over all the drills that the goalies will be doing in front of the coaches.  Wednesday and Thursday the coaches will attend and be given a Scout book with all the information on each individual goalie attending the camp.  The goalies will be broken into groups of 4 and they will work through the drills that we practiced on Monday and Tuesday.  After the skates the coaches will be allowed to meet with the parents and the goalies about perspective applications.

If you are thinking prep hockey will be in your future this will be the most inclusive camp as far as information, scouting and exposure you will find anywhere.

Days: Monday - Thursday
5:00pm - 8:00pm
This camp will be limited to 16 goalies

June 18th-21st

College Seminar

New in 2018! Every year the MassCrease coaches are bombarded with questions about college.  Questions arise about Education, Financial Aid, Recruitment, Hockey, the path to get to College, Scholarships, and Development.  We now see this is an important informational piece that we need to incorporate.  This summer we will be holding an informational seminar and taking questions in regards to this topic.  The cost for the seminar will be $35.  I realize for quite a few it might seem far off but to be as educated as possible about the current system would never hurt!  College coaches will be attending to talk as well as the MassCrease staff.

Time: TBA

Dates TBD
Summer Skills

Our Summer Skills are offered as Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and On-Ice Agility Training. To see all skills program detail, visit our Lessons page.

Summer Skills
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