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Our Mass Crease Summer Program was developed by former NHL Goaltender, Brian Eklund, and is reexamined each year so as to provide the latest coaching techniques.  This unique program develops the goaltender from the ground up through teaching the goalie you have to be strong, athletic, flexible, intelligent and most importantly quick. All these characteristics are developed through repetition, drills, technique, off-ice training and exceptional coaching.

Over the past several years we have developed many different programs for goaltenders. We strive to provide the best training possible for every goalie regardless of current ability level. This summer we are going to have five (5) levels. Each level will have the camps/lessons that are best suited for goalies in that ability level.

"I have worked for and skating with Brian for the past four years. He has helped me simplify and improve my game. He does an incredible job of making private and group lessons a good mixture intense work and fun games. This allows him to be successful at coaching beginners and elite goaltenders."
- Michael Clemente
  1. Learn to Play
  2. Beginner
  3. Intermediate
  4. Advanced/High School
  5. Junior/College

If you have not already attended a MassCrease Camp or skill session to be placed in an ability level you can contact us to point you in the correct direction ( or you can schedule a lesson/evaluation by going to

All Summer Camps will take place at the MassCrease Training Center in Norwell, MA.

Learn To Play
  • For goalies with very little to zero experience with the position
  • Not a learn to skate session
  • All goalies must have their own equipment to attend camp

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  • For goalies in the MassCrease skill system as a Beginner
  • 1-3 years of goaltending experience

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  • For goalies in the MassCrease skill system as a Intermediate
  • 2-5 years of goaltending experience

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Advanced/High School
  • For goalies in the MassCrease skill system as an Advanced
  • 4-10 years of goaltending experience
  • Typically 8th grade and above

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Goalies currently in Senior year of High School, Playing Junior hockey, committed to playing D1 or D3 college hockey, playing college hockey.

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All MA Camps must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Dept of Public Health and be licensed by the local Board of Health. A complete copy of the policy shall be furnished to parents upon their request.
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