About MassCrease

Mass Crease was developed by former NHL Goaltender, Brian Eklund. This unique program develops the goaltender from the ground up. Goaltending is a unique position in the game of hockey. As a goalie you have to be strong, athletic, flexible, intelligent and most importantly quick. All these characteristics are developed through repetition, drills, technique, off-ice training and exceptional coaching.

Brian Eklund has shaped a program which bears a striking resembelance to the type of training you see with Professional Goaltenders. It’s a combination of On-Ice and Off-Ice Training. On-Ice we work on the technique between the pipes, which is a hybrid of the Quebec and Finnish styles. We build goaltenders from skating to puck handling and concentrate on technique while developing the agility needed to compete at the "next level". Off-Ice we condition the goaltender through strength training and agility exercises. Off-Ice shapes the goalie and On-Ice perfects the goalie.  

Massachusetts Crease believes that your goalie learns best in small numbers, so we are keeping our coach to goalie ratio low. Technique is best taught through example, which is why our coaches are in full gear. It’s a concept Brian Eklund started and somethings are better left untouched.

The game of hockey is competitive and we believe in hard work and dedication, but we are also big believers in having fun! Both can be accomplished through Massachusetts Crease. I believe it and guarantee it!

About MassCrease Training Center

Located at 77 Accord Park Drive (D8) in Norwell MA, the MassCrease Training Center is a state of the art goaltender development studio. Built completely on the premise of goalies only, MassCrease has built a real ice center that allows for two shooting stations and ample space to work on all aspects of the position. The center has three locker rooms, a patents viewing area, flat screen TVs and free WiFi. In addition there is also vending on the premises as well as an off ice development room. The MassCrease Training Center is truly a one stop location for full development of the athlete.

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